Soooo, the lovely Mr Francis took me and the Beanbutt to the Beach at the weekend ! we wrapped up warm and took some supplies for a mini road trip to West Wittering!!!

It didnt take long to chuck some blankets and towels in the car and load the back seat up with Hugo’s Dog bed so he could travel in comfort… it rained alot of the way down but cleared up just as we parked at the beach carpark…

I put Hugo on one of those flexi leads which I dont normal use but as soon as we got on the sand I couldn’t resist seeing his little ears flapping in the wind so he was straight off lead and racing around the sand dunes…

he was in his absolute element …….

My Ball

It was a little bit windy so I left his wind breaker jacket on and we kicked a tennis ball around for a good hour or so before the light started to fade a little … he even got brave enough to try the water a couple of times… with alot of coaxing from Mama …

Look at that almost invisible blur for a tail !

blurry tail

We took a walk along the length of the beach and along the closed up beach huts… which made for a few good photo opportunities (qu another hint at my self to get a DECENT camera)

Blue house

No trip to the seaside would be complete without a nice Fish and Chip Supper so a little googling later and a route to a Chippy was found. We dried off and piled back into the car with one exhausted little Poochy (not to mention Mama) who just about had the energy to polish off HIS VERY OWN piece of Fish specially bought and on a little plate !

We even had a little room for an ice cream on the way home! Not for Hugo of course !

WHAT A great day …


THANK YOU RUSTY !! for taking us to the beach xxxx