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Foto Friday

Where have you been all my life 😉

Salted caramel latte!! The new obsession

Salted caramel latte!! The new obsession


You’re Home ……

I hear it! I hear the Door! She’s coming this way!
Oh, ’BONK’ missed the step. No matter,! she’s coming, she’s coming!
Oh, oh, oh…I’m So excited
The door! I hear the door bell sound that sounds right before she comes in!

Oh, oh, ’wiggle, wiggle, wiggle’ I cannot be still! You’re here! Oh, oh, you’re here! YOU’RE HERE!
I have missed you so much, you’ve been gone hours, weeks, days, years! And so much has happened! A cat ran along the fence and I chewed a stick and the ducks were honking and it rained a little!
Oh, oh, oh! You’re here, you’re here!

And you’re touching me! I can’t stand it, it’s so marvelous! Oh, and you’re speaking! “Murble, murble, good boy, murble, murble.”
YES! Your happy voice. Oh, I’m about to burst! I’m so happy, happy, happy! Yes! I want to jump! I’m not supposed to jump, but oh, oh, just a little jump!
Damn. Oh, I cannot be still.

I’ll roll over and wiggle on my back on the rug! Oh, yes! she’s rubbing me–my tummy, my head, my sides! Oh, oh,oh.
Now what? Now where’s she going? Oh, oh, yes! Up to the room where we sleep at night! Great! It has the big bed we sleep on and ’L–E–A–P‘ I can get up here close to HER.
Oh, oh, oh! I fell up the steps ! what to do? I want to lick her, oh, oh, I think I’m about to burst!

She took off the pieces she puts on her eyes, and she willl lift me I can ‘lick, lick’ I love you, I love you, I love you, I love ’lick, lick, lick’ you taste so good, salty, sweet, I love that stuff you smear on your face every day, I love to lick it off, oh, oh, and you’re rubbing me again!
My back, my head, my ears, oh, oh ’lick, lick, lick’. ”Murble, murble, good boy, murble, murble.”
”OK enough”
I will lay here and watch her. Watch her peel her fur. It is very warm. How does she do that?
And I will get that look on my face that always makes her come and rub me. The look where I roll my eyes up, and keep my head flat here and she will come…and she’s putting on her play skin! YES! We will play–sometime. My tail cannot be still. I am SO happy, happy, happy.
Now she’s going in the room with the wonderful big water bath I LOVE that water bath – always warm, clean water! She’ll be out in just a minute, just a minute, just a…..yes, she’s coming! She’s here again.
Oh, oh, oh….
Now back to the room with the box that has pictures and sounds. Ah, I know what happens now. Yep, she’s laying down on the big pad there. Now she’ll sleep. But that’s okay.
She’s HOME!
SHE’S home.
She’s home.
And she smells tired. So I will lay beside her here and guard her and wait while she sleeps. And when she wakes up she won’t smell so tired. And we’ll play and play.
S–i–g–h. I’ll just rest with her now, and smell her while she sleeps.
And wait again. For, the next thing that happens….

HE’’LL be home.
And then, oh, oh, zzzzzzzzz……..

We’re Jammin’

So we know that Summer has definitely ended and Autumn has arrived.. The Boys went out to tidy the garden on the inevitable Leaves and mrF collected the Umpteen pears that were dropping for our two pear trees one of which is a Conference Pear tree and had SO MUCH FRUIT we didn’t know what to do with it….it was taking over the kitchen!


So anyway MrF decided he was going to grab the bull by the Horns and make some jam ( spured on by my awesome Pear crumble I reckon ;))

Jars were bought, Pears were Peeled, Sugar was stirred and hey presto. Yummy Pear and Ginger Jam …

Xmas presents already sorted 🙂

pear jam


So we decided to have a Halloween Party and invite a few friend over to 107 for a bit of shindig.

I Love Halloween so much and I wish we did it like they do in the states! this year however living on a residential road with over 100 houses means we defn had our fair share of Tick or treaters!!

I was prepared so hung our carved pumpkins out in the window to tempt them in:)
Must have had over 50 children call and they had all made a good effort with costume which obviously pleased me no end!!!

we had the most fun decorating the house with spiders and skulls and pumpkins and all sorts , the trusty Fountain was loaded with vodka and cherry flavoured punch and lots of nibbles provided too.

All in all it was a very fun evening with a bit of karaoke and great music…

Thanks everyone for helping me celebrate my fave holiday !!!487409_10201563276137394_1851201802_n1451521_10201563276217396_647394180_n1391691_10201563276097393_1506443949_n1457643_10201563274857362_1083558885_n1391429_10201563274817361_1353458943_n1395799_10201563274737359_608423009_n1395350_10201563274777360_2029309882_n

Foto Friday


Foto Friday



Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life!

well I hope that’s true, Cut my first Clients hair today in the commercial Salon at college and earned my self a tip.

my client was lovely and talkative and made it very easy for me to just relax and cut her hair and she seemed very pleased with the result!!

Bring on the next . and the next… and the… you get the idea 🙂tip